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About Us

Al Motaheda one of the distinguished companies in the Egyptian market that imported the best types of industrial and natural wood and presented it to the Egyptian market. We are distinguished as the only supplier in Egypt for a group of the best and finest types of wood.

Our Vision
  • Visiting us will help you to know your wood needs and speaking with our experts to make sure you get the best products that serve your industry and unprecedented buying experience. Our expert team will always be happy to nominate the best manufacturers who have extensive experience in dealing with the best types of wood to make sure you get a high end product with the highest quality standards.

  • To provide the best products to the Egyptian consumer through an easy and burden-free shopping and buying experience.

  • Our customers in the Egyptian market can always visit our huge warehouses to browse all types of wood available and enjoy an easy buying experience with a team of experts.

Our Mission

Is to provide the best types of industrial and natural wood from abroad to meet the needs and requirements of the Egyptian market, manufacturers and consumers in various fields.

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